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Objects of Beauty.

The way we often think of art, is as a painting or print, destined to preside over our fireplace.

But some works of art become a part of our daily routine: they soften with the repetitive grip of our hands… they show the patina of age where our feet have trod and our bodies have rested. They become a tangible part of our life.

In our shop, Little & Large, we revere the beauty that exists within the lives and homes we share with our dogs, by curating a selection of beautiful objects. Hand crafted, thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested products that do the job they’re meant to do, but they also flatter our homes and brighten our days. Some of our favourite items include:



Designer dog beds constructed with the utmost care, but as easy to maintain as they are to look at.

We think P.L.A.Y. dog beds are as good as it gets (second-only to your bed of course). P.L.A.Y. has mastered the balance between exquisite good looks, rough-tough durability and practicality. In addition to being gorgeous and deliciously cosy, these beds are entirely machine-washable.

Best of all, the price of these beds is still far below the cost of other designer dog beds so they are incredibly good value. We love them so much we have them scattered all over our house, studio and car.


Made by hand in Brooklyn, NY & benefitting animal rescue worldwide

Found My Animal collars and leads are the benchmark of quality dog goods. Meticulously designed, handmade and hardwearing, these dog accessories are the ultimate in understated beauty and absolutely quality.

Our FMA favourites include their signature rope collars & leads, which are hand wrapped and stitched, and finished off with supple leather and sold-brass hardware. They age beautifully, stretching to fit your dog, and softening with time. Incidentally, they hide the dirt beautifully as well, which we think is the marker of the perfect pairing between aspirational design and practicality.